Sigmaprobe Smart Vehicle System Electric Circuit Tester Overview

Sigmaprobe Smart Vehicle System Electric Circuit Tester Overview

The Sigmaprobe smart vehicle system electric circuit tester is produced by VXDAS technology. The Sigmaprobe is the newest generation intelligent circuit tester with a 2.4-inch large-size LCD screen display.

electric circuit

It is dedicated to testing all vehicles to 30V electrical systems for cars, motorcycles, and trucks. A Sigmaprobe electric circuit tester is a convenient fast and intelligent tool.

Circuit Tester

Smart test mode

The smart test mode is designed to detect resistance values, voltage values automatically. When you test the probe tip to an electrical system, it will display voltage values if it detects its voltage signal. And when you test the resistance it will display as ohms. So you don't need to switch between voltage test and resistance test.

electric circuit - smart test mode

Multimeter test mode

The multimeter test mode function is completely the same as you are using a multimeter. You can perform a voltage test, resistance test, diode continuity test, current test, and frequency test.

Sigmaprobe Multimeter test mode

Oscilloscope test mode

oscilloscope test is quite useful to diagnose sensors, actuators and communication signals. With this simple oscilloscope test function, you can diagnose maximum and minimal voltage, waveform, frequency and duty cycle.

Sigmaprobe Oscilloscope test mode

Relay test mode of Sigmaprobe electric circuit tester

There are two common relay types, five terminals, and four terminals. Put the relay tester cable into the probe, and check the connection diagram. Clip on the cables to each terminal on the relay, and press the up button to trigger power supply to test the relay working status. 

Sigmaprobe Relay test mode

Activation test mode

The activation test function is designed to generate activation signals to the tested components. Such as car lights, motors, and other on board electric equipment.
Here is activating a car light, and there are three active modes, Moment, Latch, and Pulse. You can also set the overload current values.

Sigmaprobe Activation test mode

0-5V Safety power supply mode.

The safety power supply is different from the activation test. In this mode, you can adjust the output voltage under 5V, and output current to 100 milliamps. This is a safe way to protect sensitive sensors.

0-5V Safety power supply mode

Fuel injector test mode

There are four test modes in this function. The probe output different power signals to the injector and checks the spraying status.
It can be worked with many fuel pressure testers. This is a good way to diagnose injector working conditions.

electric circuit - Fuel injector test mode

Positive and negative test mode

This function is designed to quickly find the circuit polarity in the electrical system. It will display voltage values or ground icon after detected related signals.

Positive/negative test mode

Sigmaprobe electric circuit tester setting

From the setting interface, you can perform sound, language, and firmware well upgrade. There are more than 20 languages selectable on this device, and you can also do the online update for free

Sigmaprobe circuit tester setting