SigmaProbe automotive circuit tool overview

SigmaProbe automotive circuit tool overview

The SigmaProbe automotive circuit tool from VXDAS, which is a versatile automotive diagnostic troubleshooting tool, and with many unique features that suited to help the technician test and verify many components to find in today's complex automobiles.
It has several features integrated into one tool. In many cases would require several separate pieces of test equipment in the past, such as an Oscilloscope, relay testing function, and fuel injector testing feature.

SigmaProbe automotive circuit tool outbox

SigmaProbe automotive circuit tool box

SigmaProbe automotive circuit tool with LED light

The SigmaProbe automotive circuit tool draws power from the vehicle under test and includes extra long power cables. In addition to an equally long ground test lead, there is a bright white LED light. The LED is built-in to the top of the unit to help light up those darker areas, so you can more easily see what you are trying to test.

SigmaProbe automotive circuit tool with LED light

Comprehensive User Manual

The User Manual is quite comprehensive and is impressive to say the least. While it does not go into depth on each feature, it explains each one enough that you understand how to use it. The manual is really a highlight of this product from the typical User Manuals provided with many products these days.

SigmaProbe automotive circuit tool with user manual

With a convenient rubberized hook

The SigmaProbe automotive circuit tool unit has a rubberized hook, which helps the technician keep the tool ready for use by hanging the product on the hood or chassis of the vehicle under test. The blight 2.4” LCD screen shows all the feature selections. in general, has a large font so you can see the numbers clearly from a distance.

 SigmaProbe automotive circuit tool with hook

There is also a Frequency Counter and Duty Cycle feature so that you can check those signals that you need to verify that type of information.

SigmaProbe automotive circuit tool Frequency

Also, you can output 0V to 5V in 0.5V increments to send a signal into an ECM. For example to see how it responds to verify wiring integrity as well as ECM input verification.

Power output

The Internal construction looks great and the PCB is well laid out. The case construction is plastic of course and seems thick enough to handle some of the abuse. You would see it on the job.

SigmaProbe automotive circuit tool PCB

Overall, I believe the SigmaProbe automotive circuit tool is a well-designed tool. The tool will certainly help troubleshoot your automotive gremlins. It is compact and rugged enough to withstand moderate usage.
The SigmaProbe electrical system tester is such that you have many tools available at your fingertips and in one tool. You are no longer need to have several tools laying around to help you do the job. I give the SimgaProbe two thumbs up and look forward to using it on my next automotive diagnostic job.


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