SigmaProbe Automotive Diagnostic Tool Vehicle intelligent Circuit Tester

SigmaProbe Automotive Diagnostic Tool Vehicle intelligent Circuit Tester

The SigmaProbe Automotive Diagnostic Tool is a robust device, will save you time and effort in the pursuit of the fix. It can replace - and improve upon, several diagnostic tools in your shop.

SigmaProbe Automotive Diagnostic Tool

Diagnosing automotive problems can be a challenge even after decades of experience. Over time we get a better idea of where to start, but that’s only half the battle.
Advances in technology and the compactness of physical design call for more sophisticated tools. simple tools like the Monster Digital Circuit Tester can be helpful limitations of the tool are quickly reached.

Automotive Pros need to measure that can’t be seen without tearing a car apart and find alternative ways to isolate problems, like open circuits, voltage drops, and component malfunctions.
The SigmaProbe Automotive Circuit Diagnostic Tool is designed to be just such a tool. Part multimeter, part sensor, and part power source, with a big & bright interface. I hope the SigmaProbe will help boost productivity around the shop. Let’s take it for a test drive.

SigmaProbe Automotive Diagnostic Tool

Modes Galore

The SigmaProbe Automotive Diagnostic Tool is powered by 12 and 24 VDC electrical systems. It boasts eight different test modes for those systems:

Smart Test

The main test functions: voltage test, resistance test, positive or negative test (display as VDC, OHM, AMP). It is mainly used for quick tests without switching between different test modes. Automatically recognize the measured signal and display values of voltage or OHMs.

Multimeter Mode

Digital display intelligent multimeter meets all functions of vehicle multimeter (VDC, OHM, DIO, APM, HZ). It can continuously test circuits or components of a vehicle circuit system.

Oscilloscope mode

It can be used to measure the waveform and period of AC signal mainly used to display the voltage waveform of input and output signals

Relay Test

It shows 2 types of common automotive relay diagrams on the screen (5-terminal relay and 4-terminal relay). Connecting the relay test line to the relay terminal can quickly detect whether the relay is normal.

Injector Test

It has 4 pulse signal modes, The Probe outputs different pulse signals to the injector and checks the spraying status of the injector. This function can help diagnose injector conditions.

Positive and Negative Test

Use the Probe Tip to find the positive/negative wire of the power supply. Through the identification of the probe, the positive interface voltage or negative grounding icon will be displayed on the screen.

Component Activation

SIGMAPROBE has 3 activation modes: MOMENT (moment activation), LATCH (lock activation), PULSE (pulse activation). The component activation function is used to generate activation signals to test components, such as activating lights, motors, horns, and other onboard power supply equipment.

0-5V Power Supply

Simulate the voltage output by the sensor to verify the wiring to the ECU. Sigmaprobe supports a power supply voltage of 0-5V.

sigmaprobe with big and bright LCD screen

The SIGMAPROBE currently supports 14 languages: English, Español, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Português, Polish, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Filipino, Malay, Arabic.

The SIGMAPROBE currently supports 14 languages

Sigmaprobe with 5 button keys

In different functional interfaces, the button functions performed are not exactly the same.
The "LEFT" button is the navigation key, or the exit key (long press to exit). The "RIGHT" button is the navigation key. The "UP" and "DOWN" buttons are navigation keys or voltage output, digital adjustment buttons. The "OK" button is the confirmed button.

Sigmaprobe with 5 button keys

Sigmaprobe with a big and bright LCD interface

In Your Interface, a big and bright LCD interface displays the information in each mode. For example, in voltage measuring mode, the interface shows the current voltage. The minimum and maximum values are smaller numbers at the bottom of the screen.
Part of the interface will also display the power supply voltage. In Frequency Mode, you can see the current frequency as well as positive and negative pulse widths. These range values are quite helpful as you’ll read in the performance section.

Sigmaprobe with a big and bright LCD interface

Sigmaprobe also have Other Notable Features

The bright LED light is at the probe’s base which is always illuminating when work.

Under the back black cover of the SigmaProbe is an auto-resetting, replaceable circuit breaker. And the green auxiliary ground lead has a 25 amp fuse in case, it touches battery positive.

Sigmaprobe also have Other Notable Features

I predict that the 20-foot cord will be indispensable. The SigmaProbe power comes from the battery, but the diagnostics can be done anywhere around the vehicle.

Sigmaprobe with 20-foot test line


I’ve used the SigmaProbe Automotive Diagnostic Tool for several weeks, and it was impressively helpful. I still feel like I haven’t pushed it to its full potential yet. I got a good sense for each mode, but depending on the work you do, you may rely more heavily on a few modes while the rest are dormant. Here are some of the most useful things I found.

Only after I used the very user-friendly manual did I read other reviewers’ praise of it too. It walks you through the modes and operates simplistically, which helps you get more out of the tool.

When you have time to sit down and read, trying to deciph the poor instructions is difficult enough. But when the jobs start piling up behind you, you will quickly lose motivation to use the tool. If you’re not performing these operations every day, you can quickly refer to the manual.

Sigmaprobe diagnostic tool

The reviews of Sigmaprobe

I still have some examples to share with you for finding the problem in an electrical system. The SigmaProbe can give you the edge. Let’s say a vehicle comes into the shop and the power window isn’t working (true story). Is it the fuse? The driver’s switch? The passengers? A lockout switch? The component motor? The Sigmaprobe power probe helps you determine the problem before you tear the whole car apart for the answer.

This is really the genius of the SigmaProbe, and what first piqued my interest. Although it’s not a power source itself, it conducts the battery’s power to the probe tip. A customer brought his Jeep into the shop because a windshield wiper was inoperable. I used this Sigmaprobe to diagnose the problems, because I could operate the wiper by applying power from the Probe. It was very cool. Later I diagnosed a brakelight pedal problem too.

SigmaProbe is a Powerful Vehicle Diagnostic Tool

The Oscilloscope mode, is particularly helpful for knowing maximum and minimum voltage readings. It’s nice to be able to measure battery voltage right at the battery but sometimes measuring static voltage is n’t enough. Let’s say you want visibility of what’s happening to the voltage as the car starts. By using the Oscilloscope mode, you can see the current voltage as well as how low and high the voltage reached.

The SigmaProbe Automotive Diagnostic Tool is a powerful device for Automotive Pros that can, in many cases, replace a multi meter, test light, Oscilloscope, test lead set, and perhaps more. It can detect problems that would otherwise take much more effort, or more tools, or both to identify. 

Sigmaprobe can be repace other tools

It eliminates ambiguity in measurements with its light and sound indicators. I suspect you could employ the SigmaProbe for quite a while and still find new uses for it. At $239, it’s an inexpensive diagnostic tool that will quickly pay for itself! To get your SigmaProbe diagnostic tool now,For details visit our website at

Sigmaprobe one set


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