Sigmaprobe Circuit Tool-The Most Powerful Dignostic Tool

Sigmaprobe Circuit Tool-The Most Powerful Dignostic Tool

Sigmaprobe circuit tool is a new generation automotive circuit tester, which is a multifunctions vehicle circuit tester. The Sigmaprobe is meet all circuit and component testing needs of the vehicle.

Are you still repairing the vehicles with a wrench and experience?

includes the traditional internal combustion engine and electric vehicle technology. Nowadays, the electronic level is getting higher and higher. It can even be said that the electronic level of a vehicle can define the market-level positioning of the vehicle. So, what is the different opportunities that will bring to us "auto repair practitioners" from the upgraded electronic automobile?

Do you want to learn car circuit repair?

Now the automobile manufacturing technology has been very good, the automobile generally will not have any serious fault. Even if there is a fault, the car can run normally after the mechanic changes the parts. As a result, few of today's auto repair workers can repair cars, and most of them can only disassemble parts. The electronic system is prone to failure. But at present, there are few technicians who can carry out automobile circuit maintenance. One who’s reading this article “you” want to learn automobile circuit maintenance?

First of all, let’s see what are the parts of automotive electronics?

1. ECU

The first is the "brain" of the automobile electronic control system electronic control unit. It comprehensively analyzes and processes the electrical signals, which input by each sensor, and the feedback electrical signals of some actuators. It provides the reference voltage to the sensors, and then the actuators output control signal, which makes the actuators work according to the requirements of the control target.

2. Sensors

The second is the "Clairvoyance " and "Omniscient" [sensor] of the automobile electronic control system, which converts various physical parameters of the automobile working condition and state, automobile driving condition, and state into electrical signals, and sends them to the electronic control unit. Various sensors used in automobile electronic control systems, which can be divided into many types according to their working principle and output signal form. Such as pulse sensor, potentiometer sensor, thermistor sensor, contact switch sensor, etc.

3. Actuator

The last is the "hand" and "foot" [actuator] of the automobile electronic control system. The electronic control unit controls the controlled object through the actuator. The actuator responds quickly to the control signal, and output by the electronic control unit, which to make the controlled object work in the set optimal state.

For example, fuel injector. The injection quantity of the fuel injector is determined by ECU. The ECU will control the needle valve of the fuel injection nozzle. And determine the opening time of the needle valve (injection pulse time). The fuel injection quantity is a set value in ECU memory, which will be preset according to the engine’s condition, and which will be determined according to the engine speed and air intake quantity.

4. Automotive wiring harness

We have learned the composition of automotive electronic systems. Let’s look at it again. What are the basic conditions for automobile electronation? Circuit! All electronic modules need a power supply, which is inseparable from the wiring harness. An automotive wiring harness is an important component that connects various electrical appliances and electronic equipment in the vehicle, which plays the role of transmitting electrical signals between electronic equipment and electrical appliances. It is the carrier to control the electrical signal of the vehicle. It can be said that there is no automotive circuit without a wiring harness.
The higher the car configuration, the smarter it will be, and more wiring harnesses will be used to control the vehicle, and there will be more electronic systems and sensors. The complexity of the automobile circuit will be also increased accordingly, which undoubtedly increases the difficulty of maintenance for our auto repair practitioners.

Multifunctional circuit tester

Automobile manufacturers are constantly upgrading and iterating the automotive circuit to meet the needs of car owners for automobile technology and configuration; at the same time, the automobile circuit testing equipment is also constantly upgrading and iterating to meet the technical requirements of daily maintenance. The automotive circuit tester can conveniently and accurately detect and diagnose various line faults and line aging of the automobile circuit; through the automotive circuit tester, it can quickly find out possible faults and provide reliable information for troubleshooting.

Now the inspection and maintenance of vehicle circuits involve more content, in addition to the circuit, there are relays, fuel injectors, and other electronic components. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward on the professional technical level of testing personnel and testing equipment. Therefore, the testing personnel can no longer judge the problem according to past experience but must use scientific testing equipment and accurate testing results to repair it. If someone wants to perform well, then they must need the best tools. Professional tools are indispensable in current vehicle maintenance. Accurate testing results directly determine the maintenance judgment.

What is the Sigmaprobe circuit tool?

So, what equipment would be most preferred? Would like to share 2021’s new Sigmaprobe circuit tester, "rapid diagnosis of vehicle circuit problems". Through understanding, it integrates multiple functions required in automobile circuit maintenance, which is very suitable for automobile circuit maintenance technicians.

Sigmaprobe circuit tool is a multifunction circuit test

It supports all 9-30v vehicles, and then 8 functions of the device, which makes me feel that Sigmaprobe has a high-cost performance because it is not only a circuit tester but also can be used to test the status of components, activate components, test relays, check ECU wiring and other functions, so as to test the status of all lines, components and electronic control systems of the vehicle. It's equivalent to buying several detectors with different functions which made me not think much. I sorted out the detailed functions of Sigmaprobe:

1. Smart test

The smart test is mainly used for knowing the voltage and resistance, automatic switching of testing mode, and quick judgment of line path, short circuit, and open circuit.

Sigmaprobe circuit tool-smart test

2. Multimeter mode

Multimeter mode, high resistance LCD automobile multimeter, mainly used for VDC (Direct Current voltage), OHM (resistance), DIO (diode / on-off test), AMP (current), Hz (frequency) test. It is mainly used to detect DC current intensity, DC voltage, wire resistance, and other parameters, but also can be used to test duty cycle, frequency, capacitance, inductance, semiconductor components, etc.

Sigmaprobe circuit tool-Multimeter mode

3. Oscilloscope mode

Oscilloscope mode can be used to measure the waveform and period of AC signal, mainly used to display the voltage waveform of input and output signals in the automotive electrical control system. It can display the instantaneous waveform, which is an important function in automotive electrical fault diagnosis.

Oscilloscope mode

4. Relay test

Relay test, through the connection of wiring and relay, quickly knows the relay status.

Sigmaprobe circuit tool-Relay test

5. Injector test

Injector test, Sigmaprobe has four pulse signal modes. Different pulse signals are output by selecting the mode, and then the output signal is connected to the injector. According to the receiving status of the injector, the status of the injector (good or bad) can be tested and observed.

Injector test

6. Positive / Negative test:

The positive voltage can be automatically identified and displayed through the probe contact, and the negative resistance icon is on the screen.

Positive / Negative test:

7. Component activation

Component activation is mainly used to generate activation signals to the tested components. It has three activation modes: MOMENT, (momentary activation), LATCH (lock activation), and PULSE (pulse activation). (For example, activating vehicle lights motors and other onboard power supply equipment. It can't be used for ECU and sensor modules casually. There is a risk of burnout.) The activation of Sigmaprobe has an overload current setting, which is used to set the cut-off current from 1a to 18a. If the current is greater than the set target value during the activation process, Sigmaprobe will cut off the power supply and stop activation.

Sigmaprobe circuit tool-Component activation

8. 0-5V power supply

Sigmaprobe is very useful in checking the wiring of ECU in this mode because ECU can only bear the power supply voltage within 5V. If there is still a problem after you check the sensor with the multimeter mode, you can use the 0-5V mode. Sigmaprobe can select the 0-5V supply voltage (current < 100mA) in 0.5V increments. Simulate the output voltage of the sensor to verify the wiring to ECU. There is a set point voltage alarm to prevent the circuit connected to the probe tip from forcing the voltage to be 0.1V higher or lower than the setpoint voltage. The device will sound an alarm to tell you that there is a difference between the output voltage and the set voltage. You can disconnect and check the circuit for a short circuit or other faults.

0-5V power supply

Sigmaprobe circuit tool is powerful

The above is its 8 function points, which I love the most, it should be the most powerful and most cost-effective automotive circuit tester at present. In order to solve the problem of automobile maintenance, circuit diagnosis must be studied in depth. Whether it is in study or in work, choosing good circuit diagnosis equipment will greatly improve our work efficiency, reduce maintenance difficulty and improve customer satisfaction. Grasp its use method and the circuit diagram of the vehicle model, you will definitely lead your competitors at the technical level.

Sigmaprobe diagnostic tool is powerful