Sigmaprobe diagnostic tool got easier, smarter and more powerful

Sigmaprobe diagnostic tool got easier, smarter and more powerful

The Sigmaprobe is a fast and efficient electrical testing tool designed for modern automotive technicians. It works right along with you while testing electrical circuits by automatically switching to the appropriate tool.

Just touch the Sigmaprobe's probe tip to the circuit and watch as it intelligently select the correct Meter and Range for you! That's the Smart Tip Advantage!

When the resistance of the Sigmaprobe sense, it displays ohms. When the Sigmaprobe senses voltage it displays volts. And when you need power to a component, it's right there with you. Ready to apply as much as 99 amps of current by pressing the power switch.

Sigmaprobe diagnostic tool

Why the Sigmaprobe?

For those familiar with the blazing speed of Power Probe circuit testers, you will find the addition of the Sigmaprobe Hook, not only a compliment to your electrical diagnostic arsenal but a smart decision as well. Sigmaprobe engineers designed the hook to help you fix cars with pinpoint accuracy. Why should you own the Sigmaprobe? Three reasons: it's easy, it's smart and it's more powerful.

Sigmaprobe diagnostic tool

Sigmaprobe is Easy Using

Its large LCD screen has 2.4-inch that makes it easy to read. Connecting to any circuit is very easy using the standard 4mm banana jack that connects to all of Sigmaprobe's leads and accessories. Connecting to a battery with its 20 ft. lead makes it easy to test the vehicle from front to rear without constantly looking for a ground hookup.


The Probe tool is Smart

When connecting to the probe tip to measure resistance, it automatically becomes an instant ohmmeter and auto ranges without manually selecting it. It measures ohms from 0 to 15 Megohms.

When connecting the probe tip to measure voltage, it automatically becomes an instant voltmeter and auto ranges without manually selecting it. It measures from 0 to 150 volts.

When connecting the probe tip to an AC voltage, it automatically becomes an instant AC voltmeter along with the measured frequency. It measures from 0 to 150 volts and beyond 200KHz... With the Sigmaprobe managing all meter adjustments you stay focused on the task at hand.

Sigmaprobe circuit tester

It is a Powerful tool

The Power Probe Hook delivers more power. Not only does it supply battery power to components, but also displays the current draw in amps and resistance in ohms. You can determine if motors are sticking or are in the beginning stages of going bad by capturing and displaying maximum inrush current. Just power up the component and read the display. The Sigmaprobe is used by serious, no-nonsense technicians that just need to fix vehicles faster.

Sigmaprobe Features

SMART TEST MODE - Intelligently judge the VDC/OHM/AMP test and the positive and negative electrodes of the battery.

MULTIMETER TEST MODE - Meet all the functions of the multimeter (VDC/OHM/DIO/AMP/HZ). It can continuously test the circuit or components of the automotive circuit system, fully automatic measurement of resistance and voltage, easy to use.

OSCILLOSCOPE TEST MODE - The maximum analog bandwidth is 50KHz; the maximum sampling rate is 800KSa/s.

RELAY TEST MODE - Connect to the relay terminal to quickly detect whether the relay is normal. There are two kinds of relay wiring diagrams commonly used in automobiles in the relay measurement function, which can be selectively operated as needed.

COMPONENT ACTIVATION MODE - Used to generate activation signals to the detected components, such as activating lights. There are two activation methods, positive activation, and negative activation. The maximum current through activation can reach 20A. There are three activation modes: MOMENT, LACH, and PULSE.

POWER SUPPLY MODE - The voltage output by the sensor can be simulated to the ECU to verify the wiring of the ECU. It can easily generate a variable DC voltage (0-5V) for emergency situations where there is no adjustable power supply, but a small voltage connection is required. 

The typical use is as follows:

1. Set the electric pen to output a suitable voltage (up to 5V) @200mA);
2. It can be connected to the power supply terminal of low-voltage power supply equipment (ECU, sensor);
3. Observable phenomenon."

FUEL INJECTOR TEST MODE - Connect to the injector by outputting different pulse signals to test the condition of the injector

MULTI-FUNCTION - Can diagnose almost all automotive circuit problems. There is no need to purchase many other tools separately.

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