Sigmaprobe automotive diagnostic tool unboxing display

Sigmaprobe automotive diagnostic tool unboxing display

Today we're going to be looking at the Sigmaprobe diagnostic tool. Sigmaprobe is a automotive circuit tool. You know today's cars are as complicated as they've ever been and so realistically. You need a fairly complex tool to diagnose cars these days. You know simple light check and things like that just aren't gonna work anymore.

So you know we're gonna do an unboxing. An initial overview of this product and eventually a tear down. And you know we'll try some of the features out and see how they work, so without further ado.
Let's go ahead and start tearing it apart. So first thing we've got is the package here.
This is the typical overseas package here. So we'll get into this as best as we can.Get this thing out of here, double boxed. Let's take a look about sigmaprobe vehicle intelligence circuit tester from VXDAS.

Sigmaprobe dignostic tool

There are the features on the Sigmaprobe diagnostic tool outer package box: Overload Protection, Resistance Test, AC and DC Voltage Test, Short Circuit Protection, Components Activation, Professional Diagnosis. It looks like the big things on here.

 Sigmaprobe diagnostic tool outer package box

There is a display features on the front of the outer box:

  • 2.4 inches large size LCD screen;
  • Smart test - auto detect volts and ohms
  • Multimeter mode-(voltage, resistance, diode, open&short, current, frequence)
  • Relay test
  • Diode test
  • Oscilloscope test
  • 0-5V power supply
  • Component activation
  • Positive and negative test
  • Circuit breaker protection(current adjustable)
  • Multi-language

Some specifications and parameters on here

① Display screen: (320 * 240 DPI) TFT true color display

② Operating temperature: 0-60 ° c (32-140 F °)

③ Storage temperature: 40-70 ° c (-40-185 F °)

④ External power supply: battery powered 12V or 24V

⑤ Minimum operating voltage: 9V

⑥ Maximum operating voltage: 30V

⑦ Maximum measuring voltage: 150V

⑧ Minimum measuring voltage: 0.1V

⑨ Resistance measurement range: 1 ohm ~ 200K ohm

⑩ Current measurement range: 0 ~ 18A

⑪ Maximum continuous current: 18A

 Sigmaprobe diagnostic tool outer package box

We've got a nice LCD screen, which is 2.4 inches. This probe tip over here comes with a front LED light, if you're working in dim places you can get a little extra light. There is a green red led indicator below the screen. You can operate deviceby the key button. It has a speaker and a auxiliary ground lead on power connector. Obviously here is a relay test port for the testing relays. It has a hook here so you can hook it on to something. A usb port used for updates. Of course alligator battery clip to get power to this thing.

 Sigmaprobe diagnostic tool package list

it's got a fuse holder built-in, it's like a 25 amp fuse in there, that's nice protection. On the bag of goodies, we've got obviously battery alligator clips, these things are pretty substantial.

25 amp fuse

Look at this manual. this is a pretty interesting manual. It looks fairly comprehensive but still pretty brief. It goes over each of the features, and how you can start to use them. This is a good manual, i like it, nice.

sigmaprobe diagnostic tool user manual

Sigmaprobe diagnostic tool package list

1pc × Sigmaprobe unit with 6 meters test line

1pc × Extension connection line

1pc × relay test line

1pc × 25amp fuse

1pc × probe adapter

1pc × solid copper test probe tip

1pc × alligater battery clip

1pc × user manual

1pc × ABS toolbox

1pc × package box

Sigmaprobe diagnostic tool package list


Sigmaprobe diagnostic tool package list