Sigmaprobe Power Probe Automotive Diagnostic Tool 

Sigmaprobe Power Probe Automotive Diagnostic Tool 

The Sigmaprobe Power Probe Automotive Diagnostic Tool is a robust device that will save you time and effort to find the solution. It can replace and improve various diagnostic tools in your store.

Sigmaprobe Power Probe Automotive Diagnostic Tool 


Diagnosing car problems can be difficult, even after decades of experience. Sure, over time we get a better idea of where to start, but that's only half the battle. Technological advances and the compactness of physical design require more sophisticated tools.

Diagnosing car problems can be difficult,


Simple tools like Master Digital Circuit Tester can help, but vehicle limits are reached quickly. Automobile experts need to measure things that cannot be seen without breaking down a car and find alternative ways to isolate problems such as open circuits, voltage drops, and faulty components.

Master Digital Circuit Tester


Fourth Generation Sigmaprobe Power Probe

Sigmaprobe Power Probe Automotive Diagnostics Tool - designed to be such a tool. We hope that the part multimeter, part sensor, and part power supply IV with the excellent clear interface will help increase productivity in the store. Let's take a test drive.

Fourth Generation Sigmaprobe Power Probe


Key Features 

Multiple Modes - The Sigmaprobe Power Probe automotive diagnostic tool is operated by 9 and 24 VDC electrical systems.

Smart Test - smart test VDC, OHM, AMP (voltage test, resistance test, positive/ negative test)

Multimeter Mode - VDC, OHM, DIO, AMP, HZ mode test 

Relay Test - Quickly test the relay status 

Power Supply Test Mode - Use this mode to check voltages on static circuits or voltage drops on active circuits.

ACRMS - This mode tests AC voltages when a RMS measurement is required.

PP - Measures peak to peak AC voltages.

Hrz Frq Cntr - Hertz frequency counter for measuring AC signals.

Fuel Injection Mode - Use this mode to test the fuel injection system.

Drv Test Mode - Tests transistors in modules with this mode.

PPECT mode -Use this mode to find open circuits.

It is very cool. I discovered that there was also a problem with the power supply to the brake light pedal. Fatal Injections Another project hit the store: a 2010 Lincoln with a bad injector - I had no idea what the problem was.
Actually, it's not that common, so that's probably not where I should start. Often times it can be a spark plug or something else. But as the Sigmaprobe Power Probe automotive diagnostic tool makes it so easy, injector impact test. I touched the probe on the pulse of the injector. As the LEDs synchronize with the pulsed injector of the ECM, they will flash to indicate whether and how the injector vibrates.

Suppose you want to see what happens to the voltage while starting the car. Using the PP mode, you can see the current-voltage as well as how far the voltage has been reached. The Power Probe, as a result, The Sigmaprobe Automotive Diagnostic Tool is a powerful device for automotive professionals that can replace a multimeter, test lamp, noid light, test lead set, and maybe more in many cases.

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