Sigmaprobe power probe kit Automobile Circuit smart Analyzer

Sigmaprobe power probe kit Automobile Circuit smart Analyzer

Sigmaprobe Power Probe Circuit Tester Kit, Automobile Circuit Intelligent Analyzer Fault Diagnosis Automobile Multimeter(Digital Voltmeter/Short Circuit Finder/Relay Tester/Injector Tester/Diode Tester).

Sigmaprobe Power Probe Circuit Tester features

Sigmaprobe Power probe kit is a circuit tester which has many functions, such as intelligent identification of voltage/resistance, multimeter mode (measure voltage, resistance, continuity, current and frequency), relay test, Injector test, diode test, positive and negative polarity test,etc.P200 electric system tester is for 0V to 5V.

Support multi-languages, with large battery clip, can carry more load.Support wide input voltage range from 9V to 30V.Enables to accurately diagnose the DC Voltage, AC Voltage, Resistance and Diode of the 12v-24v electrical systems by merely pressing the mode button.

Tiny deviation and more precise testing data,environmental protection material, Not pungent.Overload protection, reset automatically after overload, no need operation,low power consumption, high performance.

Provides 20ft extension cable for you to reach all around your vehicles, trucks, and trailers (12V-24V). Also, the built-in flashlight is bright enough to light up your work area.

An auto circuit breaker makes this tool very safe and sustainable; Its short-circuit protected as well as a safety measure to protect the device from overload.

Sigmaprobe Power Probe Functions

Sigmaprobe Power Probe smart circuit tester is new generation of circuit analyzer, and it is the only one upgradeable circuit tester on the market. It is a tool for quickly testing all 9V-30V electronic systems. The test time is greatly shortened, convenient, fast and smarter!

1. Smart test (Intelligent identification of voltage/resistance)

Intelligently judge the VDC/OHM/AMP test and the positive and negative electrodes of the battery

smart test

2. Multimeter mode (measure voltage, resistance, diode, continuity, current and frequency)

Meet all the functions of the multimeter (VDC/OHM/DIO/AMP/HZ), can continuously test the circuit or components of the automotive circuit system, fully automatic measurement of resistance and voltage, easy to use

Multimeter mode

3. Relay test

Connect to the relay terminal to quickly detect whether the relay is normal. There are two kinds of relay wiring diagrams commonly used in automobiles in the relay measurement function, which can be selectively operated as needed.

relay test

4. Fuel Injector test

Connect to the injector by outputting different pulse signals to test the condition of the injector.

Fuel Injector test

5.Oscilloscope function

The maximum analog bandwidth is 50 KHz; the maximum sampling rate is 800 KSa/s

Oscilloscope function

6. 0-5V adjustable power supply

"The voltage output by the sensor can be simulated to the ECU to verify the wiring of the ECU. It can easily generate a variable DC voltage (0-5V) for emergency situations where there is no adjustable power supply, but a small voltage connection is required. The typical use is as follows:

1) Set the electric pen to output a suitable voltage (up to 5V) @200mA);

2) It can be connected to the power supply terminal of low-voltage power supply equipment (ECU, sensor);

3) Observable phenomenon."

0-5V power supply

7. Activation of vehicle components

Used to generate activation signals to the detected components, such as activating lights. There are two activation methods, positive activation and negative activation. The maximum current through activation can reach 20A. There are three activation modes: MOMENT, LACH, and PULSE.

Activation of vehicle components

8. Positive and negative polarity test

Automatically judge the positive/negative poles and display on the screen

Other functions

1. Diode test  

2. Intelligent circuit breaker protection (adjustable overload)   

3. Screen style background optional

4. Network online upgrade

5. Built-in Multi Lingual.