Sigmaprobe review from our customer

Sigmaprobe review from our customer

This is the Sigmaprobe review that after I tested the Sigmaprobe circuit tester. The Sigmaprobe is great and works well in my tester.

The Sigmaprobe smart tester is easy to use

In my experience with Sigmaprobe, I was very surprised at the beginning with how quickly it arrived, how well cared for, and well with the packaging, so at these points everything is excellent. I was testing it for about a month to be able to have a correct Sigmaprobe review.
For me, it is the best circuit tester that I have had since it has many more functions than the common ones. I really like the relay tester, the injector activator is something new that I had not seen in a tester like this. Something also very good is the user-friendly interface that it has and how easy it can be used, it is very intuitive and it is not necessary to have the manual to be able to use it. This is my first Sigmaprobe review.

Sigmaprobe review show

Good quality and durable material

Now the materials which are also very good quality and durable. At least in my workshop, they are tools that I use daily. In my experience with other devices, like this one, the connections begin to damage and the cables afterward. In a few months, to which I think this problem will be solved with Sigmaprobe. 

Sigmaprobe review

Oscilloscope mode

The functions that have served me the most in this time that I have tried are the oscilloscope, Smart, voltmeter, and voltage injection.

Oscilloscope: with this function, I was also very glad. Since it helped us to speed up some processes a lot since before we had the oscilloscopes on a pc or laptop so now with Sigmaprobe it is much easier to check any signal or see the behavior of the networks can.

Sigmaprobe review - Oscilloscope function

Smart test function

Smart: with this function, I was surprised from the first moment. It was used since it detects everything from the voltage. It has a resistance test, this is great to compare in some actuators since we can see if the old one has the same resistance as the new one in the same voltage conditions.

Sigmaprobe review - smart function


Voltage injection

Voltmeter: there is not much to talk about this function, it is essential in every mechanical workshop and with the Sigmaprobe they potentiate it to be the best experience in this regard.

Voltage injection: I had already tried this function in other circuit testers, but none of them as good as in Sigmaprobe. In my opinion, they added many things that mechanics were crying out for. As in this function, it has 4 options are the best since we do not always want to do the same with the injection of the voltage, which is why it is wonderful, and another plus is being able to control the amperage we want is the best.

Sigmaprobe review - power supply

Each of the functions is greatly improved compared to the competition. Something important that I did not touch on is the fact that the fuse has something that does not take much importance but it is essential.

To finish with my report I want to thank you for the invitation to try the Sigmaprobe, it is one of the best tools that my workshop will have and it is clear to you that it will be my first recommendation to everyone, they left me very surprised with everything they did and continue to do the somewhat better tools within this case.