Why to choose the Sigmaprobe vehicle circuit tester?

Why to choose the Sigmaprobe vehicle circuit tester?

Professional electricians use a variety of vehicle circuit testers to check a wide range of vehicle electrical functions. In vehicle electrical wiring, and DIY vehicle owners will also find some of these tools useful. How to choose the vehicle circuit tester and learning to identify these testers is very important. Understanding their functions, and learning how to use them will greatly expand your expertise when it comes to working on vehicle electrical wiring. 

In the garage and I'm gonna show you how I use my favorite tool the Sigmaprobe automobile circuit tester to solve vehicle electrical problems.

Multimeter mode is very useful

I find that the Sigmaprobe vehicle circuit tester is probably the only tool that you're gonna to use. When troubleshooting, you will still need a multimeter for some things. But this Sigmaprobe circuit tester has a multimeter mode, I don't need to buy a another multimeter tool. I find this multimeter mode is a little bit better.

Multimeters are the most versatile of the electrical testers and, as the name implies, they are capable of many different testing functions. All professional electricians own one of these tools. Most multimeters can provide precise readings of resistance, AC and DC voltage, continuity, capacitance, and frequency. If you learn how to use all its functions, a multimeter can provide virtually all the information offered by all other testers.

I got two red wires coming off the battery, one goes up to the switch, and the other one goes to the fuse. Comes back down to the relay, black wires are ground and the white is the one that's gonna go up and feed. I want to check the fuse with the power probe, it's beeping, I got a voltage, another side I got voltage follow it in. So this pin right. There's got bolted no voltage on this red wire, no voltage on the white.

simaprobe vehicle circuit tester

How to test the voltage

So normally a lot of people might think that the relay is shot and replaced the relay. We can tell with the power probe by giving it power, you can feel and hear the relay click. But we don't need to relay to click on the opposite side, because the white wire is the one that's triggering the relay to go on. So at this point, we know our electric power is good. We got a ground wire is good, we know the relay works. So we gotta use common sense process of elimination what could possibly be wrong. Let's go to the switch here, I got nothing there. okay, switch says it's off. Let's turn it to on, still got 12.5 volts.

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I have no power coming through the switch, this is where the Sigmaprobe circuit tester comes in handy, because I can energize it right the relay clicked. I could hear the relay click and the light powered on. so we know from using the power probe that switches down, I got 12.6 volts. there nothing there okay switch says. it's off let's turn it to on, still got 4 volts. I have no power coming through the switch, this is where the power probe comes in handy. Because I can energize it right the relay click that you're here, the relay click and the light powered on. So we know and use the power probe that's which is bad. So as you guys just seen I just quickly used the power probe to diagnose and solve the issue.

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Why to get a Sigmapropbe?

The fact that you're able to power up circuits push forward, applies voltage push the switch backgrounds it comes in handy with so many things. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this short article and like I said. If you don't have a Sigmaprobe automotive circuit tester, I suggest you get one.

Sigmaprobe vehicle circuit tester is multi-function device that can perform most of the common vehicle electrical testing duties. Sigmaprobe electrical circuit testers of course can be used to check voltage levels in both AC and DC circuits, to test for amperage, continuity, short circuits and open circuits, polarity and more.
This iterm is very easy to operate for most of DIYer vehicle owner. If you plans to work on aotumotive wiring, you can get a Sigmaprobe vehicle circuit tester.