Top 5 Power Circuit Probe in 2021/ Best Maestro Power Probe

Top 5 Power Circuit Probe in 2021/ Best Maestro Power Probe

There are many kinds of automotive circuit testing tools on the market. With so many tools, which one is better, today we have come up with 5 good circuit tools sold recently for analysis and comparison.

1. KZYEE KM10 Power Circuit Probe Kit

Price: 79usd

Functions: Only can test the DC Voltage, AC Voltage, Resistance and Diode of the 12v-24v electrical systems

KM10 Test Tool Specifications:

DC voltage range: 0-65V +1digit
Resistance range: 0-100 kΩ
Rating current: 1-10 Amp
Frequency response of tone passes through 0Hz to 10Khz.
Testing Standard: 100% current: Hold > 1 hour150%
operating voltage: 12V-24V
Applied to simple circuits, suitable for the general population

2. KZYEE KM50 Power Circuit Probe Kit (upgraded version of KM10)

Price: 139.99usd

Functions: can test DC Voltage, AC Voltage, Signal Frequency, Duty Cycle,  Injector test, Resistance, and Diode.


Supply Voltage: 8V DC ~ 30V DC
DC/ AC Voltage Test: -110V ~ 110V
Frequency: 0Hz ~ 1Mhz
Duty Cycle: 0.0~100.0%
Rating Current: 1A~8 A
Fuel Injection: Voltage: 0~180V
Time: 0~25ms

Applied to complex circuits, suitable for technicians

Other functions:

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KZYEE KM50 Power Circuit Probe Kit

3. Power Probe PPH1 hook

Price: 319.99usd

Functions: can test DC Voltage, AC Voltage, Resistance, Diode, relay test, injector test, component activation


Min Operating Voltage: 12 VDC
Max Operating Voltage: 48 VDC
Max Operating Temp: 50℃
Max Storage Temp: 70℃
Voltage Measurement: 0 - 99.9 VDC/VAC
Ohms Measurement: .001 Ohms - 15 Meg Ohms
Amps Measurement: .001 Amps - 99.9 Amps
Max Continuous Load: 25 Amps
Max Intermittent Load: 65 Amps for 8 Sec.
Hook Up Cables: 10 Gauge

Typical circuit tester, applied to complex circuits, suitable for technicians.

Power Probe PPH1 hook

4. Power probe Maestro PPTM01AS

Price: 305.9usd

Function: can test DC VoltageAC Voltage, Resistance, Diode, relay test, fuel injector test, component activation, Frequency

Min Operating voltage: 9VDC
Max operating voltage: 30 VDC
Max Tip voltage: 450 volts
Probe tip resistance to ground: 350k Ohms
Computer Safe: 0.1 mA floating tip
Voltage Measurement: -100 to 200 VDC/ADC
Voltage Resolution: -99.99 to 99.9V -0.01(10mV) / 100.0-199.9V-0.1(100mV)
Glitch capture: >380μS Min pulse width
Power feed test:<30mA
Resistance Measurement: 0.1Ohms to 10K Ohms
Frequency Measurement: 1Hz to 9999Hz
Fuel Injector mode: LED Flash @ min 35V @100μS pulse

Applied to complex circuits, suitable for technicians.

5. Sigmaprobe intelligent circuit tester

Price: 239usd, after discount is 189usd

Functions: Smart test(DC VoltageAC Voltage, Resistance, Diode, Frequency), multimeter mode, relay test, injector test, positive/negative test, component activation, oscilloscope mode, 0-5V power supply, upgrade system

① Display screen: (320 * 240 DPI) TFT true color display

② Operating temperature: 0-60 ° c (32-140 F °)

③ Storage temperature: 40-70 ° c (-40-185 F °)

④ External power supply: battery powered 12V or 24V

⑤ Minimum operating voltage: 9V

⑥ Maximum operating voltage: 30V

⑦ Maximum measuring voltage: 150V

⑧ Minimum measuring voltage: 0.1V

⑨ Resistance measurement range: 1 ohm ~ 200K ohm

⑩ Current measurement range: 0 ~ 18A

⑪ Maximum continuous current: 18A

Typical circuit tester, applied to complex circuits, suitable for technicians

Sigmaprobe intelligent circuit tester