SigmaProbe SP1 Automotive Test Light 12V Voltage Tester

SigmaProbe SP1 Automotive Test Light 12V Voltage Tester


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  • ① LED digital display
  • ② Removable 5W bulb
  • ③ Removable probe
  • ④ Large clip
  • ⑤ Auxiliary probe
  • ⑥ 48inches wire
  • ⑦ User manual


  • [The Only Car Test Pen You Need] Say goodbye to your old test light. SigmaProbe SP1 Test Light support 3 working modes to help you quickly detect car circuit problems.
  • [3 Working Modes] Fast test Mode, Computer-safe mode, bulb mode, You can choose LED digital display and the bulb work at the same time, or either of them works, to test voltage and accurately diagnose faulty battery or fuse circuit. Meet the needs of different scenarios
  • [LED Digital Display&Reverse Polarity Test] The test light comes with a bright LED digital voltage display for accurate and fast voltage readout, which can be clearly seen during the day and night. After connecting the tester to the power supply, the red light indicates positive polarity and the green light indicates negative polarity.
  • [Large clip & auxiliary probe] Large clip is convenient for clamping the battery head and car body hitch. Auxiliary probe is convenient to insert into the plug to be tested at the same time with the main probe.
  • [What You Get] Sigmaprobe SP1 Automotive Test light, welcome guide, our worry-free 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service.


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Sigmaprobe circuit tester
Overload   Protection



Resistance   Test



AC and DC   Voltage Test

3 Modes

Voltage Test

Overload   Protection

Short Circuit Protection

Resistance   Test

Components Activation

AC and DC   Voltage Test

Professional Diagnosis

Short Circuit Protection



Components Activation

Components Activation

Professional Diagnosis



The Only Voltage Tester You'll Ever Need!

Sigmaprobe Smart test

Automotive Test Light

One click to identifies voltage, resistance, positive/negative

SigmaProbe™ automotive circuit tester designs with a large alligator clip and two sharp stainless steel probes for one hand easy operation, it can detect hard-to-reach narrow areas and pierce wire. The test light has a patent shell, mini size, durable ABS material, a top-quality 45-inch silicone wire with sturdy, heat-resistant, high-tensile strength. You can take this mini light tester anytime anywhere.

Sigmaprobe Multimeter

3 Working Modes

SigmaProbe™ has 3 activation modes:
Electric test pen designs with a switch and 12V 5W test light bulb, you can change working modes you want easily. You can choose LED digital display and the bulb work at the same time, or either of them works, to test voltage and accurately diagnosis faulty battery or fuse circuit. The brightness can be changed with the measured voltage. The higher the voltage(Max 30V), the brighter the bulb(Max 5W).

Multimeter Mode
Sigmaprobe Oscilloscope

Two Sharp Stainless Steel Probe

The probe of the test pen is replaceable and removable.auxiliary probe can pierce wires and reach narrow areas and convenient to take power or ground from plugs, sensors, relay.

Sigmaprobe relay test

Relay Test

SigmaProbe™ professional 5-30V circuit test light, widely used in dc voltage tester, car fuse tester, automotive battery tester, probe tester, perfect for a variety of cars, trailers, vans, RVs, motorcycles, boats, etc. Test light automotive is a very useful tool for family, automotive engineer, electrical engineer, circuit DIY.

Relay Test
Sigmaprobe Injector Test

About The Test Light

Digital SP1 used in 5-30V DC voltage tester, car fuse tester, automotive battery tester, probe tester, perfect for cars, trailers, vans, RVs, motorcycles, boats, etc.which is a must have tool for any automotive engineer, electronic engineer or circuits DIY and retire your old automotive test light.

Sigmaprobe positive/negative test

Positive / Negative Test

Upgrade SP1 auto electrical tester designed with digital led indication,eading your vehicle's voltage instantly and clearly during the day and night with high accuracy to ±0.15V. Not only that, you can attach the large alligator clip or a second probe to either negative or positive ground, red light indicates positive polarity and green light indicates negative polarity.
Positive / Negative Test
Component Activation

Writing Pen Inspiration

Inspired by writing pen, ergonomic design,excellent appearance with dark green body, non-slip and comfortable grip portable to any where

Sigmaprobe power supply

5-30V Power Supply

Sigmaprobe test light has a 5W replaceable test light bulb on the top for high visibility and long life. Bulb can quickly detect the shorts/breaks of the electrical circuit. This Bulb are universal with the car's bulb, so it can be replaced directly. Meanwhile, frequency range can be predicted when led light tester is connected to an AC signal (5~30V), it's used for fuel injector signals, spark plugs, crankshaft sensor signals, etc.
0-5V Power Supply

What are the Advantages of SigmaProbe?

For 5-30V Low-Voltage test, Safe and Easy to Use

Sharp stainless steel probe

5W Hernia bulb

Larger alligator clip

copper inner core

Crocodile clip with auxiliary probe

Assist alligator clips

LED light

4 Excellent Features Use the SimgaProbe Diagnose Circuit Problem

1: Active Auxiliary Probe

Auxiliary probes assist in picking up power where alligator clips are difficult to reach

2: Removable Bulb

5W hernia bulb same as car's bulb,Long service life and easy to replace

3: Reverse polarity detection

Polarity bidirectional test, red shows the positive polarity, green shows the negative polarity, help you easily determine.

4: Digital LEDs

HD digital display LED screen, either day or night, can be fast and clear reading

Not Just for Car

5V maximum continuous current flow | 5-30V measuring range | 5-30V working voltage

Sigmaprobr support 9-30V vehicle

SigmaProbe Currently Support 14 Languages

Sigmaprobe Currently Support 14 Languages

Sigmaprobe other features
background setting

    Firmware Update

Keep up-to-date with the latest product features.

online update

Background Setting 

"Bright Mode" or "Dark Mode" , Choose as You Like

Sigmaprobe tester

SigmaProbe Specifications

 Display screen: (320 * 240 DPI) TFT true color display
 Operating temperature: 0-60 ° c (32-140 F °)
 Storage temperature: 40-70 ° c (-40-185 F °)
 External power supply: battery powered 12V or 24V
 Minimum operating voltage: 9V
⑥ Maximum operating voltage: 30V

⑦ Maximum measuring voltage: 150V
 Minimum measuring voltage: 0.1V
 Resistance measurement range: 1 ~ 200K ohm
 Current measurement range: 0 ~ 18A
⑪ Maximum continuous current: 18A

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