Apply Period:April 6 - April 12 ,2021, 

Publish the Result:April 15, 2021

Congratulations! SigmaProbe Free Trail List!

SigmaProbe test & review program has ended.Thanks for all friends participating

Nat*** Walberg



Rol*** Temple



Jo** Rodriguez



Kons** Kapustin


United States 

Ak** Subecz



Jo*** Hage



Ru** Helle



Ca** Miles


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Mc Co*** Fontenelle


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An*** Samokhin



April 6 - April 12, 2021

Application period

April 13, 2021

Trial pay deposit

April 15, 2021

Trial list are announced

April 25 - May 10, 2021

Trial testing & submit report

May  14

Deposit return after trial report submitted

May 15-June 1, 2021

Affiliate commission continue

April 6 - April 12, 2021

Application period

April 13, 2021

Trial pay deposit

April 15, 2021

Trial list are announced

May  14

Deposite return after trial report submit

June 1, 2021

Affiliate commision continue

May 15 -June 1, 2021

Affiliate commission continue

You’ll Qualify for Testing if

1. You can provide a creative, professional, and unique review of the circuit tester

2. You allow us to quote & repost the social media posts about SIGMAProbe contents.

3. You have experience creating mechanic content, understanding & agree with SIGMAPROBE affiliate 

4. You have a history of active participation in the mechanic fields.

5. You complete the application form completely and correctly.

Sigmaprobe Free Trial Details:

Program Schedule:

Application: 2021/4/6- 2021/4/12 

Trial pay the deposit: 2021/4/13

Announcement list: 2021/04/15

Product delivery: 2021/4/17

Trial period: 2021/4/25- 2021/5/10

Deposit Return: 2021/5/14

1. List announcement: The trial list will be announced on Facebook Page, and successful applicants will be notified by Email;

2. Deposit explanation: After a successful application, users must log in to the website within 48 hours to pay the deposit (if it is not paid after the expiration date, the trial quota is determined to be abandoned). After the trial is completed, the deposit will be refunded according to the original route within 1-3 working days;

3. Product delivery: After receiving the deposit, SigmaProbe will arrange the delivery asap;

4. Report requirements:

1) At least 3 minutes video to display product, functions & real user experience. An excellent review is better to reveal the comparison with other similar devices, and show what's the advantage of the product;

2) At least 500 words & 15 real photos; The photo must be bright, clear, and beautiful;

3) The originality is guaranteed, the copyist is disqualified and held accountable, and the deposit will not be returned depending on the situation;

4) Send back the trial report by E-mail within 15 days after receiving the product. 

5. Product gift: Submit a high-quality report on time, and you will enjoy the lifetime use right of the trial products and get the opportunity for the next new product trial qualification;

6. Product recall:

If the relevant report cannot be submitted on time or does not meet the report's requirements, Sigmaprobe has the right to withdraw the trial product and deduct the deposit as appropriate.

Consultation Email: 

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Q: Do I need to pay for shipping?

A: No. We will pay to ship the product to you and pay for return shipping if necessary.

Q: Do I need return the product?

A: Submit a high-quality trial report on time, you will enjoy the lifetime use right of the trial products.

Q: How can I contact VXDAS if I have any questions about the program?

A: Please contact us at

SIGMAPROBE Intelligent Circuit Tester

Diagnose Vehicle Circuit Problems Efficiently!





AC and DC 

Voltage Test

Short Circuit Protection

Components Activation

Professional Diagnosis

Sigmaprobe circuit tester

A set of SIGMAPROBE can meet all circuit and component testing needs of the vehicle.

More efficient, more accurate, lower cost !

Multiple overload protection

Short-Circuit Automatic Protection, 20 amp Fuse Protection If it is higher than the limit value of the device during the test, the device will enter automatic protection and will automatically reset after 15 seconds of cooling.

Customized 20 feet test line for automotive circuit testing environment

All Copper Inner Core, PE Line Pipe, Genuine Materials, Durable & Wear-Resistance

High-quality accessories, all in one storage 

The SIGMAPROBE and all accessories are stored in the tool box; it is easy to carry, store and use, and is not easy to lose.

2.4-inch color screen and 

9-grid interface design.

Intelligent 5-button 

operation button.

Humanized hook design.

Fast and efficient work based on safety.

Fully enclosed anti electric shock alligator clip.

Front LED Light

Specially designed for vehicle inspection and maintenance environment, lighting up the surrounding night and day.

Metal Probe Tip

Low Power Consumption, 

High Performance.

Excellent tools improves your work efficiency.
Sigmaprobe circuit tester package list

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