Test isolated components instantly by 

hooking up the SigmaProbe to the car battery.

No need special skill & many experience, 

simple to use “Intelligent Circuit Tester”

As A Mechanic, What Are the Hardest Issues To Diagnose and Fix?

A Good Tool Will Be A Big helper!

SIGMAPROBE Intelligent Circuit Tester Cover 90% Automotive Circuit Testing

Sigmaprobe Smart test

Smart Test

Judge the VDC/OHM/AMP test intelligently

The main test functions: voltage test, resistance test, positive/ negative test (display as VDC, OHM, AMP). It is mainly used for quick test without switching between different test modes.

Automatically recognize the measured signal and display values of voltage or OHMs.

Sigmaprobe Multimeter

Multimeter Mode

VDC/OHM/DIO/AMP/HZ mode test

Digital display intelligent multimeter meets all functions of vehicle multimeter (VDC, OHM, DIO, APM, HZ). It can continuously test circuits or components of vehicle circuit system.

Multimeter Mode
Sigmaprobe Oscilloscope

Oscilloscope Mode


Support sampling time interval setting.

Support voltage test range: 1V~49V.

“START/STOP" (press “OK" to start or stop waveform refresh).

“DIV" voltage per grid (test range 1V-49V), press "UP" and “DOWN" keys to adjust the voltage value.

Sigmaprobe relay test

Relay Test

Quickly test the relay status 

It shows 2 types of common automotive relay diagrams on the screen (5-terminal relay and 4-terminal relay). 

Connecting the relay test line to the relay terminal can quickly detect whether the relay is normal.

Relay Test
Sigmaprobe Injector Test

Injector Test

4 pulse signal choices for testing the injector status 

It has 4 pulse signal modes, which can be connected to the injector by outputting different pulse signals to test the injector.

The Probe outputs different pulse signals to the injector and checks the spraying status of the injector. This function can help diagnose injector conditions. It can be used with any fuel pressure tester.

Sigmaprobe positive/negative test

Positive / Negative Test

Automatically judge the positive/negative poles and display on the screen

Use the Probe Tip to find the positive/negative wire of the power supply.

Through the identification of the probe, the positive interface voltage or negative grounding icon will be displayed on the screen.

Positive / Negative Test
Component Activation

Component Activation

Generate activation signal to the tested part 

SIGMAPROBE has 3 activation modes: MOMENT (moment activation), LATCH (lock activation), PULSE (pulse activation). 

The component activation function is used to generate activation signals to test components, such as activating lights, motors, horns and other on-board power supply equipment.

(Note: Can not be used for ECU, sensor module casually, there is a risk of burning)

Sigmaprobe power supply

0-5V Power Supply

Supports 0-5V voltage power supply, simulate the voltage output by the sensor to the ECU

Simulate the voltage output by the sensor to verify the wiring to the ECU. Sigmaprobe supports a power supply voltage of 0-5V. 

Note: 0-5V power supply mode designed as an active mode, but its function is different from the component activation mode. It can adjust the voltage output under 5V and limit the current to 100mA.

0-5V Power Supply

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Secret Weapon for Automotive Electrical Diagnostic 

Think what things you need to do when you face an electrical 

Detecting Voltage

Detecting Ground

Detecting Current

Measuring Continuity

Finding Voltage Drops

Making Time Measurements


Do you still prepare all Multimeter, Oscilloscope, Injector scanner switch them working on automotive circuit problem?

4 Steps Easy To Use The SimgaProbe Diagnose Circuit Problem

STEP 1: SigmaProbe Main Unit Connect to Alligator Clips

Connect SigmaProbe main unit to alligator power connector

STEP 2: Alligator Clips Tie To Battery

Alligator clips connect to Positive & Negative of the battery

STEP 3: Click "OK" Button In SigmaProbe

5 keys operating to choose the test function for working

STEP 4: SigmaProbe Start Diagnose

Connect Probe to circuit, relay, injector anywhere you need check to start electronic diagnose

Not Just for Car

Not Just for Car

Sigmaprobe Currently Support 14 Languages

Sigmaprobe Currently Support 14 Languages

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What is the Advantage of SigmaProbe?

High-quality accessories 

All in one storage

The SIGMAPROBE and all accessories are stored in the tool box;

it is easy to carry, store and use, and is not easy to lose.

Double overload protection, safe & easy use

Power supply reverse protection

Built-in overload protection

25A circuit breaker

All Copper Inner Core, PE Line Pipe 

Genuine Materials, Durable & Wear-Resistance

Customized 20ft test line 

for automotive circuit testing environment

LED Front Light 

Lighting up the surrounding night and day

Metal Probe Tip

Low Power Consumption, 

High Performance


hook design

Easy to handle and store.

Fully enclosed anti electric

shock alligator battery clip

SigmaProbe Invite Users to Test Before Pre-sales.

How's Does SigmaProbe Tester Feedback?


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 Display screen: (320 * 240 DPI) TFT true color display
 Operating temperature: 0-60 ° c (32-140 F °)
 Storage temperature: 40-70 ° c (-40-185 F °)
 External power supply: battery powered 12V or 24V
 Minimum operating voltage: 9V
⑥ Maximum operating voltage: 30V

⑦ Maximum measuring voltage: 150V
 Minimum measuring voltage: 0.1V
 Resistance measurement range: 1 ohm ~ 200K ohm
 Current measurement range: 0 ~ 18A
⑪ Maximum continuous current: 18A

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will the order ship out?

A: Order ship out within two working days. The tracking number will update under order information.

Q: How can I contact SigmaProbe when I need help for SigmaProbe?

A: SigmaProbe offers technical support; keep your order No. to contact support@sigmaprobetek.com when you need after-sales service.

Q: When will the order ship out?

A: The parcel will be shipped by express way; estimate 3-9 working days arrive.

Q: What's the warranty?

A: SigmaProbe support 30 days return with, two-year free warranty.

Q: Does the cost including shipping? Do I pay for shipping fee?

A: The price including the shipping fee, no need to pay an extra shipping fee.

Q: If I need a large quantity, what's the price?

A: SigmaProbe is considering a dealer partnership, please contact vip@sigmaprobtek.com

Q: Where can I get the SigmaProbe guide?

A: SigmaProbe comes with an instruction user manual. You can visit www.sigmaprobetek.com to check the instruction video as well.

Q: Is it possible free duty delivery to Europe?

A: SigmaProbe EU storage will start delivery from 1st June, supporting free-duty delivery to the EU.